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When looking for a florist, most people are looking for three main things.

  1. 1. Design;
  2. 2. Quality;
  3. 3. Value.

The good news is that Doris The Florist provides all of these things and more as our 32 years of experience in the floral industry has made us one of the top Long Island Florist in the local area.

We offer an extremely large variety of different flower types in order to create the most beautiful floral arrangements in the area. Not only do we carry exotic flowers, but we also have a large variety of vases available to house the flowers and the arrangements that we create.



Unique Floral Designs From Our Expert Long Island Florist Delivered to the Metro Area.

We pride ourselves in the unique designs that we offer to unique floral arrangements that can cater to any type of event that you have planned. As a florist, creating beautiful floral arrangements is not enough as specific and meticulous planning is also involved in order to have an event be successful. We make the planning of an event simple as our experienced florists will be able to help you determine how many arrangements will be needed and also how they should be set up to bring beauty and a unique design to the event. As a local florist, it makes it much easier for us to meet the needs of our clients as we house our flowers in house and can provide quick and efficient service for any planned event that you may have in the area.

Our Long Island floral services include many extra’s to meet any expectations

Our florist services are comprehensive as we offer planning, design, setup, and take down services to meet the needs of any type of event. This not only makes your life easier, but it also ensures that the flowers will be set up properly to allow for the most beautiful look possible for the event that has been planned.

If you are looking for a florist service, look no further as Doris The Florist has got your covered for all of your florist needs. Contact us today by calling our number or by clicking the contact button below.

We go above and beyond the call of duty when creating floral arrangements as we offer several services to allow customization. For example, we can create floral arrangements for cremation ceremonies that have customized pieces that can accompany the urn. Not only can we customize to different types of ceremonies, but we can also customize to different religious arrangements such as rosary crosses or religious statues. No service is too large or too small as we can create large or small funeral arrangement pieces to accommodate any funeral service type.


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